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Dental Services Geelong

Benefits of LARA dental services and treatments

All treatments offered and undertaken within our Centre, including orthodontic & implant surgery and restorative work. When we say we are a multi-skilled dental practice we really do mean it.  We ensure that all treatment options and costs are discussed with you so that you can decide which treatment best suits you

  • Multi skilled team – Associate dentists, dedicated hygiene department and dedicated children’s dentistry
  • Professional and highly trained staff
  • LARA dental spend considerable time each year learning about the latest dental techniques and innovations so their patients can enjoy the most up-to-date solutions
  • Friendly and helpful staff which translates into a calm and supportive environment
  • Comprehensive approach with all patients, we make sure the best solutions are discussed at all times
  • Support patients to achieve their goals
  • Highly experienced principal dentists
  • Practicing in the Geelong community for over 25 years
  • Modern centre which uses the latest techniques
  • LARA dental offers treatments to patients from all over Australia

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