Fillings – Children’s Dentistry

Children's Fillings Geelong & Lara

Our priority is to restore your child’s affected teeth with a filling that is safe, strong, and long-lasting.

In children, dental fillings are most commonly needed due to tooth decay or cavities. There has been an increasing rate of tooth decay in children that we have noticed over the years, mainly due to the hidden sugars in snacks and how easily accessible sugary snacks are. Although the main reason for a filing, tooth decay isn’t always the reason. Children may need a tooth filled due to:

  • Incorrect dental development
  • Needing a root canal treatment
  • Damage from physical trauma or a dental emergency
  • Significant tooth discolouration

Getting a filling

At LARA dental, we understand that visiting the dentist can be scary for kids (and adults!). We have the experience and expertise to safely asses, treat and care for all members of your family.

We will initially asses your child’s teeth and oral health and will discuss any recommendations with you regarding your child’s individual situation. We will then discuss with you the dental treatment required and the best way to complete this. This can include whether general or local anaesthetic is to be used.

Your child will then be provided with the appropriate pain relief and the infected part of the tooth will be removed. The tooth will then be cleaned, and a filling will be placed. This filling will restore the structure of the tooth, as well as functionality and size.

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