Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive Orthodontics Geelong & Lara

Interceptive orthodontics is the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions (incorrect positioning of teeth and jaws) as soon as they are detected

Why is Early Interceptive Orthodontics important?

At LARA dental we believe there are situations where early orthodontic treatment is important as your child’s health, growth and development are our top priority.  There are also occasions where it is not beneficial to intervene.

Dr Charlie Kahwagi and Dr Geoffrey Storey have been providing orthodontic treatments to patients of all ages for over 25 years.  Seeing children from an early age will mean that our skilled practitioners can assess your child’s orthodontic needs as they grow.  This will allow, where possible, treatment to begin at a younger age, thus preventing extensive treatment in their teenage years. Many problems develop early and when recognised by an experienced clinician, steps can be taken to reduce or even eliminate the negative long-term effects these can have.  This can reduce the severity of many problems and in some cases eliminate the need for very extensive work as teenagers or adults.

Airway assessment is critically important to the development of the face and jaws as well as a child’s general health.  Tonsil, adenoid and sinus issues impact negatively on the growth of the teeth and jaws.  Early detection of problems and where required, proper treatments by our experienced clinicians can be the difference between, no treatment, minimal treatment or extensive orthodontic treatments at a later age.  Extractions, surgery and complex orthodontic treatments may be avoided with early detection of problems. Malocclusions are closely related to airway issues such as mouth breathing, snoring, tongue ties etc.. but what is often overlooked are also the long term chronic medical implications.

We examine children as early as one to ensure we give you and your family the most up to date advice regarding your child’s feeding, sleeping and oral habits. By setting the correct foundations and having routine monitoring we will guide you in the right direction to ensure their dental, airway, growth and development are on the right track. The earlier we can identify a developing problem, the greater the range of options for helping to redirect growth. Oral habits such as thumb or finger sucking, or mouth breathing can frequently cause malocclusion (bad bite) or overcrowding of teeth. Being able to identify the causes of a functional imbalance often allows us to take a non-invasive approach to treatment such as posture and habit retraining and these methods can be very effective.

Often postural problems can be due to less obvious reasons such as dietary intolerances which can result in nasal congestion and cranial strains which may be the product of birth trauma. There are numerous reasons that can result in a change to head and neck posture, impacting the action of facial muscles and jaws. The adverse effects of muscle imbalance include a deficit growth of the upper jaw or maxilla and inappropriate posture and function of the lower jaw or mandible.

Interceptive Orthodontics FAQs

If you want to straighten your teeth and improve your oral health any age is perfect to come and visit an orthodontist. The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommend children visit an orthodontist between the ages of 8 and 10. This allows our orthodontist to evaluate your child’s growth and development of existing and incoming teeth to determine if they will need early treatment.

No, you won’t. Many of our young patients are referred to us by their family dentist but equally, many others take the initiative and book in their child for an orthodontic check.

Yes, your dentist is still the best person to see to take care of your overall dental health. Your orthodontist will monitor your braces and their progress but it’s still very important to have regular cleanings and dental exams. These will help keep your child’s teeth healthy because remember, you can still get tooth decay when you are wearing braces!

Interceptive Orthodontics from LARA dental

Early orthodontic treatment from LARA dental may prevent more serious problems from developing and can often make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated.  Undergoing this early treatment may also accomplish results that could not be possible once the face and jaws have stopped growing.

If your child is around the age of seven, you are concerned that they may need orthodontic treatment or have any questions, please contact the team at LARA dental today.

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