Kinder Visits

Kindergarten Talks Geelong & Lara

Our friendly Oral Health Professionals take the time to go into our local kindergartens to meet and greet our little members of the community. Our visits don’t entail brushing lessons but extend to education on dental friendly diets and introductions to a dental experience to make the big day of when they make their first dental visit to remove any negative stigmas. Our aim is to bring smiles to faces and exceed expectations to allow our youth to look forward to visiting us on a routine basis.

Flinders Kindergarten Lara

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Flinders Kindergarten Lara, where we got to meet the children and educate them on dental friendly diets, dental hygiene and the dental experience so that their first visit to the dentist is a pleasant one. We look forward to our next visit at Flinders Kindergarten Lara.

Kindergarten Talks Geelong & Lara

Goodstart Early Learning Lara

Back in November 2018, we were lucky enough to visit our little members of the community at Goodstart Early Learning. “A very big thank you to Ines and Nely from Lara Dental for coming to visit our kinder children this week. We talked about how to look after our teeth and healthy eating and even did the floss dance!”



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