What happens at a hygiene appointment?

Dental Hygiene Appointment Geelong & Lara

Our dental hygienists are highly trained, licensed oral health care professionals whose prime objective is the maintenance of good oral hygiene.

What to expect?

Medical History

As with any health professional, the first step that will be taken by your dental hygienist is to take a thorough examination of your medical history. It is important that your hygienist knows of any prevailing medical conditions.


The dental hygienist will then conduct a full examination of your mouth in order to understand your oral health and the condition of your teeth and gums.

Airflow Cleaning

The oral hygienist will start with the cleaning of your teeth. This will involve the removal of any accumulated plaque or calculus from your teeth through a process known as Airflow cleaning. If your teeth have been stained, then the dental hygienist may also polish your teeth.

Treatment Plan

Your dental hygienist will now sit down with you and plan an ongoing oral health care program. If there are any oral health problems that require further treatment, then this will be discussed. Your hygienist will give you advice on what foods to avoid, brushing and flossing, and the dangers of neglecting a strict oral health care program.

What is a Dental Therapist?

Dental Therapists are an important member of a dental team, they are trained to provide high quality oral health care for children, adolescents and young adults, including examinations, treatment and preventive care. They work in conjunction with the dentist and are University trained and graduate with a degree or diploma in Applied Science (Dental Therapy). Dental Therapists possess a strong focus on preventative measures for continuing good oral health.

Dental Therapists are committed to educating and motivating children, and their parents, to maintain good oral health. This may be done both by classroom ‘talks’ and within the practice. They provide all the necessary routine dental treatments including examinations, radiographs, cleaning, polishing and fluoride application, fillings in both permanent and deciduous (baby) teeth, local anaesthetic, fissure sealants and extractions of deciduous teeth. They will bring more complex dental problems, such as root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry and extractions of permanent teeth, to the attention of the dentists, and can provide referrals to orthodontists and oral surgeons if required.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

Dental Hygienists are specially trained members of the dental team who work together with your dentist to provide fully integrated dental care. They play an important role in dental health, preventing dental disease by providing individual oral hygiene care and instruction to patients.

Hygienists perform four main functions:

  1. Teaching patient’s oral hygiene techniques on an individual basis. This one on one instruction includes care for
    your gums and teeth, and advice on a healthy diet to prevent dental disease.
  2. Evaluation and assessment of your periodontal (gum) tissue, including x-ray, discussion and review of medical
  3. Airflow cleaning of your teeth and gums.
  4. Application of decay prevention agents

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