Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation Geelong & Lara

At LARA dental, we welcome and look forward to meeting all new patients!

The New Patient Consultation

Often patients describe our initial consultation as a first-time experience.  We allocate 90 minutes, which may seem lengthy but it allows us to spend the time to get to know you, your dental history (we can also request any relevant previous dental records to help with this) and better understand what has bought you to us and discuss any concerns you may have.  We will undertake a painless clinical exam where we thoroughly assess your teeth and gums, we will take x-rays and photos (with your permission) to show you exactly what we are seeing.  We will then discuss the results of the comprehensive examination, if treatment is required, we will provide you with all of your treatment options and fees to enable you to make an informed decision about any future treatment (no procedures are completed on this first visit).

With an emphasis on comfort, desired outcome, and longevity, our patients are making an educated decision about their treatment options. We strive to achieve outstanding results for all our patients and love that we can provide these services under the one roof by a highly trained, professional and caring LARA dental team.

Charlie and Geoff each have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of dentistry – complex oral rehabilitation, general, and orthodontics, with over three decades of experience.

Payment Options

Part of our patients making informed decisions regarding their treatment is ensuring they have all of the information. We provide detailed cost estimates for all proposed treatment, this ensures that there are no surprises.

We respectfully request that all accounts are settled on the day of care. We have HICAPS facility for private health fund claims and for any remaining balances we accept all forms of payment, cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Afterpay, Visa and Mastercard.  We can discuss alternate payment options if preferred, please get in contact.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

Our Oral Health Therapists love seeing kids and young adults, so we utilise the CDBS. The scheme is a dental benefits program available to eligible children aged 2-17 and provides a benefit of up to $1000 to cover most dental services. Eligible children can utilise this scheme at LARA dental, however, our process may differ from other centres. Parents and Guardians will be responsible to pay our private fees for treatment and using your Medicare Card, we can reimburse you the CDBS scheduled fee for each treatment item number immediately. There will be no out of pocket expense for initial or routine examinations.


If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to start now. Many people have avoided dental treatment due to past bad experiences or fear. Be assured that we will treat you with the highest care and respect, and ensure your visit is as pleasant as possible to get your dental care back on track.

Visit us or contact us at LARA dental for more information on becoming a new patient!

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