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LARA dental history Geelong

LARA dental – A Brief History

Lara Dental was established in 1990 as a part-time dental practice by the late Dr Bruce Hinckfuss and Dr Alistair McCallum as an adjunct to the Lara Medical Practice. With Dr Geoff Storey joining them a short time later, this meant that the Lara community had local dental care. During this period, the LARA dental practice was only operating a half day a week.

The practice grew along with the Lara community, and in 1993, LARA dental relocated to 12 Forest Road South, now with two dental surgeries operating 2-3 days per week. Dr Charlie Kahwagi joined Lara Dental in 1994, with Bruce and Alistair now phasing themselves out of the practice.

From its humble beginnings the practice quickly developed a reputation, and within a short time grew to a full-time dental practice as Charlie and Geoff took over as principle dentists. In 2006, Charlie and Geoff had outgrown the two surgeries and were ready to put into action their vision of creating a truly exceptional dental practice.  We purchased the property next door, and purpose-built an architecturally designed dental surgery to provide not only Lara but also the wider Geelong community with a dental practice we all could be proud of.

LARA dental history Geelong

A warm, welcoming environment where patients are cared for.

The building itself was only a very small part of achieving their goal, they set about employing the best team. Their aim was to employ staff passionate about creating a warm, welcoming environment where patients are cared for, not only with exceptional dentistry but with unparalleled customer service. The focus remains the same today, and they have surrounded themselves with team members dedicated to educating their patients about all treatment options while providing exceptional patient care, using the latest and proven techniques and materials. Their belief in continual clinician and staff training and development on both personal and professional levels is at the core of what creates the best dental experience and outcomes a patient can have.

Charlie and Geoff have fostered a family working environment with a work-life balance culture. (check out the photo gallery for some great photos)

They are very proud of LARA dental’s long history and association with Lara, it’s people and the wider Geelong community. They feel very privileged to be treating not only their long-standing patients but now also the next generation of families.

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