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At LARA dental to achieve the highest standard of comfort and results for our patients it is necessary that all our treatments, procedures and technologies remain current and up-to-date.

Just like we rely on technology to communicate with people, pay bills, book things online – dentistry has moved forward in the world of digital technologies. These technologies help us perform more accurate diagnostics, perform safer clinical procedures and reduce trauma and post-operatory healing times. They are designed to be quick, comfortable, non-invasive and minimally impact your body.

We use state-of-the-art dental technology and treatment options to help our patients make informed decisions about their oral health. Using innovative technology coupled with our commitment to building relationships with our patients, we can offer patients the quality assurance they need in a relaxing and friendly environment.

Our commitment to our patients is to provide a safe, relaxing and anxiety-free practice so you can feel as comfortable during treatment as possible.

Intra-oral Camera

Our intra-oral cameras are a great diagnostic and educational tool. It allows our dentists, Oral Health therapist and Hygienist to magnify any dental issues you may have to 25 times their size and display them on the TV screen. We can use this tool to show our patients any dental problems we encounter and explain all your treatment options. Intra-oral cameras and the pictures they produce helps our patients to make an informed decision regarding their treatment. While you sit in the dental chair you can enjoy a high definition tour of your mouth on the TV screen. It also helps the patient visibly locate any dental concerns they may have.

EMS Air Flow Cleaning

Our Hygiene team are using the state-of-the-art AIRFLOW® Swiss Technology for our patients which uses a combination of a fine powder, air and water to remove the plaque, stains and soft calculus from the teeth and gums while giving the patient the best clean ever. If the patient still has any stubborn calculus left this is removed with the PIEZON® ultrasonic which is less painful than older traditional ‘scale and clean’ ultrasonic machines. Using the AIRFLOW® prior minimises the amount of time in which the ultrasonic is needed AIRFLOW® can be used for several different treatments, including cleaning orthodontic brackets and dentures, and is the only way of cleaning around a Dental Implant.




Trios Scanner

Traditionally, taking impressions for restorative dental work was a laborious task. You would have had to bite down on a sticky, putty-like impression material, this would then be hardened and eventually sent off to the lab where your restoration would have been fabricated.

Dr Kahwagi is using the TRIOS® Digital Impression System, it’s a simple process. We take the digital impressions of your upper and lower jaw and then email those straight to the laboratory. The intra-oral 3D scanner is faster, easier, and more accurate than other models on the market. This impression system can be more accurate because it is a spray-free system. What spray-free also means for you is the scanning process is more comfortable than other types of intra-oral scanners. It is also faster and more accurate as the impressions are sent directly to the lab cut down waiting time and work towards producing a better quality of restoration.

5 benefits to patients:

  1. Improved clinical results
  2. Better restoration fits and minimal adjustment
  3. Quick and more-comfortable experience
  4. Reduced number of appointments
  5. Reduced time in in-chair

Most restorations do not need any adjustment whatsoever, ensuring a perfect fit.


Electronic Patient Records

Electronic Patient records allow the safe storage of our patient’s information including radiographs and intraoral photos in a highly structured manner, enabling improved analysis, patient care and safety.
Relevant information obtained from another dentist, dental specialist, primary care physician or other health care provider, such as health history, health problems, can be stored for instant access.
Perhaps the most important feature of our systems is the ability to quickly share health information with authorised providers across more than one dental or health care establishment.

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Low Dose, Digital X-Rays

Low dose, digital x-rays have revolutionised x-ray technology in terms of efficiency, accuracy and safety. Emitting on a fraction of the radiation (90% less) of traditional x-rays the results are highly accurate and can be viewed almost instantaneously on the practice computer screen. This allows your dentist to more efficiently gain a complete overview of your oral health and advise you on any potential problem areas and treatment options.

X-rays allow our clinicians to see areas they would otherwise not be able to eg. between teeth, underneath fillings and your gums. Early detection and problems picked up on digital x-rays can be treated in a conservative manner.

At LARA dental we use computerised digital radiography allowing the lowest radiation dose possible and we have the unique opportunity to magnify and enhance the image at the click of a button, to assist us in diagnosis and treatment planning.

These photos are then linked to your Electronic Patient Record, making it easier for any of our clinicians to review your case and provide appropriate treatment.

A digital radiograph produces less radiation than conventional x-rays. Digital x-rays can be viewed almost instantly, as no film processing is required. This allows us to provide you with a more efficient service.

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