Electronic Patient Records

Electronic Patient Records Geelong & Lara

Electronic Patient Records

Electronic Patient records allow the safe storage of our patient’s information including radiographs and intraoral photos in a highly structured manner, enabling improved analysis, patient care and safety.

Relevant information obtained from another dentist, dental specialist, primary care physician or other health care provider, such as health history, health problems, can be stored for instant access. Perhaps the most important feature of our systems is the ability to quickly share health information with authorised providers across more than one dental or health care establishment. Here at LARA dental, we use Mediref to access our patient’s medical records.


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Mediref is a secure electronic communication system for healthcare professionals. This software provides a secure and legal alternative to email to share patient histories, referrals, reports, second opinions, review requests, and more. Mediref allows us to safely share patient information with a secure, private, compliant messaging solution.

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