Brace Yourself

Brace Yourself

Considering ways to straighten misaligned teeth? Here at LARA dental, we will help you to achieve a straighter smile.

Orthodontics can assist in adjusting crowded, ‘gappy’, malocclused, crooked and misaligned teeth and jaws and a number of other dental and orthodontic concerns. When considering straightening your teeth there are several proven techniques.  For simpler cases, this may be using removable, clear plastic positioners also known as orthodontic aligners, but for more complex corrections fixed braces should be considered.  With fixed braces, you have the choice of the more traditional metal brackets or ceramic brackets that are less visible.

Fixed braces are frequently used for teenagers and children and may also be the perfect treatment for adults wanting to correct their bite.  The most appropriate solution for any individual can only be made with a careful and thorough assessment.


Maintenance of  Orthodontic Appliances

For orthodontic treatment to flow as smoothly as possible and to keep gums and teeth healthy more care is required in both eating and routine daily cleaning.  Taking this extra care will mean that once the treatment is complete you will have beautiful, aligned teeth.

How long are fixed braces required?

The time required to straighten teeth and align the bite varies greatly from patient to patient as does the technique used.  In general, braces are the fastest way to have straight teeth as they are working 24 hours a day for you.

Frequently, orthodontic treatment can last anywhere from 12 to 30 months.  After teeth have been straightened and the bite aligned the braces will be removed.  At this time it will be necessary to hold the teeth in position with either a bonded wire or more commonly removable plastic retainers are used.  Both can work well long term, although a bonded wire does require more care and time spent daily to keep the teeth clean around the wire.  Removable retainers, initially worn full time are taken out to eat and clean teeth, over time they are worn less.

At LARA dental, we have been providing orthodontic options, including fixed braces, for children, teens and adults for over 20 years. To book a consultation contact us today on 03 5282 3201

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