Infection Control

Infection Control Geelong & Lara

The team at LARA dental are fastidious about maintaining the highest levels of infection control to protect both our patients and staff.

We go beyond the guidelines set by all industry regulatory bodies including the Australian Dental Association and Standards Australia. We undertake regular training to ensure our team is able to refresh their knowledge and stay up to date with changes to any standards.

As part of the regulations we ‘track’ critical instruments, these are instruments used below the gum line.  The tracking process matches instruments to a particular sterilisation cycle.  All of our ‘non-critical’ instruments are also placed in protective bags and sterilised.  Each surgery has designated clean and dirty zones that are common between each room to allow for universal precautions to be taken.

Our philosophy when it comes to Infection Control is; you can never be too careful. At LARA dental, we operate under the Dental Board of Australia Guidelines to Infection Control.

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