Individual Needs Patients

Special Needs Patients Geelong & Lara

At LARA dental there is no such thing as a “typical patient”.

At LARA dental, we provide high-quality dental care for the community and believe that “there’s no such thing as a typical patient” and pride ourselves on tailoring care and services to meet our patient’s individual needs. We work closely with patients, parents, family members and carers to understand individual needs when planning treatment, so that appointments at LARA dental are as relaxed, comfortable and as positive as possible.

We keep our patients at the centre of all we do and plan treatment as a team taking time before, during and after visits to discuss important influencing factors, to help understand special circumstances and to deliver optimal dental care. We take into consideration our patient’s individual situation, including oral hygiene, ability to self-care, age and medical conditions including dental anxiety.  This enables us to build long term relationships with our patient’s, and we always welcome feedback as we consistently monitor and improve our services.

At LARA dental we believe in open communication and provide a compassionate and safe environment respecting the rights and dignity of all our patients. We are a highly experienced team and provide high quality, fair and ethical oral health information and care. We take great responsibility in providing quality, efficient and ethical dental care and the protection of privacy for all our patients and acknowledge the responsibility of our patient’s, parents and carers in safeguarding their oral health.

What Types of Concerns We Discuss:

  • Dental Anxiety.
  • Allergies to latex.
  • Wheelchair based dentistry.
  • Sensory Reduction – Noise cancelling headphones and squishy relaxation aids.
  • Routine – A variety of appointment days and times to assist with routine, reduce anxiety and fatigue.
  • Physical Access: We have wheelchair accessible parking, widened doorways, bathroom facilities, single level, ample rear parking and access to public transport
  • Medical conditions and medications which may require precautionary measures prior to dental treatment including blood thinners, cancer treatments and replacements.
  • Pregnancy
  • Comfort – Neck pillows, blankets.

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