Why Choose Us? – Patient Centre

Why Choose Us - Patient Centre

Your Care Is important to us

LARA dental is a welcoming patient-focused dental practice where we provide all aspects of general dental care as well as the more major disciplines all under the one roof.  Our highly experienced dental team takes the utmost pride in providing exceptional dental care.

For the past 29 years and still counting, LARA dental has been proud to have looked after many long-standing patients and our established patient base is a testament to the quality of individualised care that we provide for our patients. Our purpose-built facility is equipped with the latest technology which allows us to provide our patients with the highest standards in dental care and the best treatment outcomes.

At LARA dental, we believe in open communication and provide a compassionate and safe environment respecting the rights and dignity of all our patients.  We are committed to providing personalised treatment options and an environment where our patients feel comfortable to ask any questions at any time.  A patient – dentist partnership approach is at the centre of our philosophy.

Our Practice

If you are happy with our level of care and service “the greatest compliment our patient’s provide is to tell their family and friends about us”.   If you are happy with the dental care we provide, or if there are any issues, we would like to hear about them.  Please feel free to talk to us regarding any concerns.

Dental records are confidential documents, and at LARA dental, we always maintain the security of personal health information and ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff who have completed their training in patient privacy. At LARA dental:

  • The exchange of information with specialists and other dentists is done only with your knowledge and permission.
  • We remind you of your appointment via phone or SMS
  • We recycle all our paper products
  • Our patient records are digital, so we scan any paper-based information into our secure database to use as little paper as possible
  • We use the most modern low dose digital x-rays machines.
  • Infectious waste is collected and disposed of by appropriate authorities
  • We surpass the statutory regulations
  • We are committed to team training/policy/safety training

It’s our purpose to have you leave our practice with complete peace of mind that you are being treated as one of our family.

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